software developmentexperienced and professional

We specialize in custom application and web development.  We’ve worked with many technologies, including Java, Rails, .NET, and C++. We’ve created web applications, embedded systems, backend and front-end business systems.  Our experience with many different technologies and environments allows us to build a quality, usable, and reliable system on time and on budget.  What can we build for you?

Our expertise and the value we provide

We understand that creating excellent products and providing excellent services requires time and expertise. We possess a wide variety of skills and we are well-experienced in software development and serving clients. Thus, we are confident that we can deliver greater value to our clients.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Web Application Development
  • UNIX Development
  • User Interface Design
  • Windows Development
  • Security and Encryption

Our business model, our clients

Professional open source

We have had a lot of experience working in the open source community, and we have grown very attached to it. We believe that the open source development model, in conjunction with the driving force of a commercial company, allows us to deliver higher quality products. In other words, we believe that this is the best way for a commercial institution to give back to the community.