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Modernizing a Legacy Language and Runtime

Worked for an established language vendor modernizing a legacy functional language used for statistics and data analysis to incorporate modern language constructs using the Java VM as an execution platform.

Work included:

  • Study and reverse engineering of an existing language, its interpreter and runtime;
  • Implementation of a JVM-based runtime supporting functional programming constructs;
  • Developed dynamic bytecode generation and loading system;
  • Prototyped foreign function interface to allow re-use of legacy native code libraries;
  • Prototyped semi-transparent concurrency facilities to gracefully support performant execution in multicore, multiproc and distributed environments;
  • Co-investigation of use of spatial-behavioral typing, type inference and monads in evolving the language.

Grid Computing System for Financial Applications

Worked on a multi-vendor project to build a a grid computing system to support dynamic provisioning of operating systems and applications to virtual machines running on a grid of commodity hardware for use in financial and modeling applications.

Work included:

  • Developed Berkeley DB XML-based store for machine image descriptions and metadata;
  • Exposed store functionality for Google Web Toolkit-based front-end administrative UI to manipulate stored virtual machine images and metadata.

Social networking consumer site

Worked on prototype for a niche, consumer product-oriented site with social networking features.

Work included:

  • Co-development of prototype in Ruby on Rails;
  • Algorithm design and prototyping for features like automatic-tag extraction and inference from freeform product description data;
  • User management and authorization system.

Early Stage Biotechnology Startup

Co-developed a Ruby on Rails-based system allowing end users to design custom genes for manufacture. (for Sourcelabs Inc.)

Co-developed version 2.0 of Swik (, a LAMP application targeted at open source users and developers, with an OOP design built on PHP 5, MySQL, Linux and Apache. It supports automatic discovery of open source project-related information via web services, easy wiki editing, aggregation and output of RSS feeds, and discovery of relationships amongst entities via “folksonomy”-esque tagging and search.

Broadcast Television Automation System

Worked on OverDrive, a system for automated TV news production, from script and content development to remote control of switchers, character generators, robotic cameras, prompters and other hardware. Developed first prototype of the system, and acted as team lead during development of versions 1.0 and 2.0. Served as development lead and helped build team before turning those responsibilities over to a new, full-time employee.